Overnight Air Cargo

The overnight air cargo segment, comprised of Mountain Air Cargo, Inc. (MAC) and CSA Air, Inc. (CSA), operates in the air express delivery services industry.

MAC and CSA are two of the seven North American feeder airlines under contract with FedEx. A customer relationship with FedEx that spans over 30 years, MAC and CSA operate and maintain Cessna Caravan and ATR aircraft that fly daily cargo routes throughout the eastern United States, upper Midwest and the Caribbean.

Ground Support Services

The ground support services segment, comprised of our Global Aviation Services, LLC (GAS) subsidiary, provides ground support equipment maintenance and facilities maintenance services to domestic airlines and aviation service providers, such as Delta, United, LSG, and Southwest Airlines.

GAS repairs and maintains fleets of ground support equipment for airlines and third-party service providers at more than 50 different airports across the United States.

Ground Equipment Sales

The ground equipment sales segment, comprised of our Global Ground Support, LLC (GGS) subsidiary, manufactures and provides mobile deicers and other specialized equipment products to passenger and cargo airlines, airports, the military and industrial customers.

GGS is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aircraft de-icing equipment as well as a producer of scissor-lift catering trucks, tow-tractors and glycol recovery vehicles.

About Air T, Inc.

Established in 1980, Air T, Inc. (NASDAQ: AIRT) is a diversified holding company with operations in (1) overnight air cargo, (2) aviation ground support equipment manufacturing, (3), aviation ground support maintenance services, and (4) aircraft engine and airframe parts sales. Air T’s ownership interests consist of a broad set of operating and financial assets that are designed to expand, strengthen and diversify its cash earnings power.

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