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Innovative commercial aircraft asset managers

We have domain expertise in all facets of transactions, and at scale. Our approach encompasses a disciplined investment philosophy using an analytics-driven approach. Our entire team is well known in the industry, having worked at high-caliber and well-respected commercial aviation companies over the past two decades. We provide deep market insights and value to our customers, having completed over 176 transactions to date.

Well-capitalized + reliable

Our capital resources are substantial due to being a subsidiary of the Air T, Inc. holding company (NASDAQ: AIRT).  We are able to work with multiple parties to execute transactions at scale — in excess of $150 million USD — from beginning to end at the speed of business. Our commitment to you and our obligation to each transaction is 1,000%.

Long-established, global reach

Our global reach extends from San Francisco to Shanghai. Over the last 20 years, we developed deep and extensive relationships with all the major airlines, leasing companies and aviation asset owners. These strong industry relationships are a key differentiator in our ability to create a mutually beneficial value proposition for aging assets.

The Contrail Edge

What are you looking for?

Our primary focus is on mid-life to older commercial aircraft and engines that include speculative purchases of “naked” assets, sale and lease-back, and stub lease with no limitations on term length. Contact us to maximize your value.

Steve Williamson

Steve Williamson

Director of Acquisitions & Trading

Steve has over a decade of experience in the aviation finance and commercial aircraft industry with core competencies in financial analysis, mid-life aircraft management and client services. Most recently, Williamson was Senior Director, Asset Transaction Group of GA Telesis, LLC, one of the world’s largest commercial aerospace firms offering aircraft leasing, aircraft overhaul and repair, and aircraft replacement parts. In his role at GA Telesis, Williamson was responsible for the initial underwriting and analysis of select multi-million-dollar transactions as well as overseeing multiple stages of the purchase, sale and leasing of related commercial jet engine components. Previously, Williamson held account management and support positions with Brickhouse Capital, an equipment leasing and financing provider, as well as with Rolls Royce, as it related to corporate aircraft engine sales and customer database operations.

Sebastian Lourier

Sebastian Lourier

Director of Leasing & Asset Management

Sebastian has over 15 years of aviation finance and operations experience with core competencies in aircraft engine leasing and trading. Most recently, Lourier was Vice President, Sales and Lease Management of Fortress, Inc., a global investment management firm (New York and Dubai). In his role at Fortress, he identified and executed on aircraft and engine sales, and leasing opportunities by maintaining a comprehensive global network of relationships with leasing companies, major airlines, MROs, OEMs and trading companies as well as being responsible for leasing related day-to-day operations, including aircraft and engine maintenance contracts and portfolio management. Previously, Lourier was Director, Portfolio Management of Aviation Capital Group, LLC, a worldwide provider of aircraft leasing to airlines, and Director, Supply Chain of US Airways. He was also a Senior Financial Analyst at Northwest Airlines (now Delta) and America West Airlines.

Kevin Milligan

Kevin Milligan

Director of Marketing & Airline Relations

Kevin has nearly a decade of aviation transaction, leasing, and finance experience focused on trading, leasing, asset management, risk management, and business development. Throughout his career, he has managed over 100 aircraft / engine transactions, demonstrating a strong track record of overseeing all aspects of a prospective transaction from identification to successful closing. Most recently, Milligan served as Senior Director – Asset Transaction Group at GA Telesis, one of the world’s largest commercial aerospace firms offering aircraft leasing, aircraft overhaul and repair, and aircraft replacement parts. Previously, he was with Aviation Capital Group, a worldwide provider of aircraft leasing to airlines, as a Portfolio Management Analyst.