Through our acquisitions and investments, along with our ongoing support of the dynamic leadership at our portfolio of powerful companies, we seek to focus our resources, activate growth and deliver long-term value creation for everyone associated with Air T, Inc.

Our Operating Priorities

Our “Investor-Operator Partnership” business model aims to drive long-term value creation.

  • Support the dynamic leadership and growth at our portfolio of powerful companies, ensuring they are well-capitalized and operate interdependently yet interrelated.
  • Diligently allocate our shareholder capital by acquiring the right kind of cash-flow generating businesses.
  • Strengthen our balance sheet and cash-generating assets.
  • Drive overall improved performance and after-tax cash flow.
  • Build edge in the marketplace.

How We Invest

Our ownership interests are designed to expand, strengthen and diversify the company’s cash earnings power. 

As good stewards of shareholder capital, we plan to reinvest in our high-performing businesses by:

  • Purchasing commercial aircraft for subsidiary Contrail to trade or lease.
  • Purchasing engine parts inventory for subsidiaries Worthington and AirCo.
  • Funding de-icer builds for subsidiary Global Ground Support.
  • Note: These segments have strong upside potential when well-capitalized.

We seek to acquire new cash-flow generating businesses by:

  • Finding new businesses that complement our current portfolio companies.
  • Diversifying into other high-performing businesses beyond the aviation industry, such as insurance.
  • Being industry agnostic in our search for opportunity.

We plan to identify great investment opportunities by:

  • Identifying another Investor-Operator platform company like Air T, Inc.
  • Creating and investing in unique investment funds.
  • Further investing in our current portfolio securities.
  • Identifying other publicly traded securities.